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Juan Pablo Arturo

Palomino Beach

"I am Juan Pablo Arturo, I am from Cali, Colombia and I dedicate myself a little to music, yoga, but with Palomino we have been able to collaborate on projects where I can exercise one of my greatest passions, which is photography."

“My lifestyle goes more with the philosophy of living simple with an elevated mentality, with a soft heart to be able to always share with love. What photography represents for me is a tool where I can capture the essence of someone, a brand, a place or an idea. "

“With Palomino Beachwear we have been able to co-create more than once in mini chocoaventuras to be able to find the best place, with the best colors, with the best light to be able to capture the essence of what the brand is. Someone who allows me to BE within my creative field in a continuous and curious exploration, will always be someone very dear to me to work with and continue to co-create. "

"I hope that the next time we meet it may be in the sea of ​​a nearby or distant beach"

Instagram: @chomb_

Juan Pablo Arturo


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